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We are a community of gifted, creative and outside-the-box thinkers inspired by the Embracing Intensity Podcast.

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Not only does joining the Embracing Intensity Community allow you to support the continued production of the Embracing Intensity Podcast, it allows you to  connect with a community of like minded peers. We're aiming to make your experience here awesome. I want you to get five key things from the Embracing Intensity Community:

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Monthly Themes

We have live monthly guest calls at 10 AM Pacific on the third Sat of most months starting in February.

January - Getting in Your Power Zone 

February 20 - Wall of Awful™ w/ Brendan Mahan

Other Upcoming themes to be scheduled:

Christiane Wells  on Overexcitability

Kate Arms  on Imposter Syndrome

Leah Walsh on Sensitivity

Jeff Harry on Playing with Your Inner Critic

Emily Roach-Griffin on Productivity/Time Management

Nneka Coxeff on Writing to Heal

Kari Betton on Intuitive Flow

And Tiffany Chhuom on Trauma and Giftedness

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Membership in the Embracing Intensity Community membership is $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year with a 2 week free trial. If you'd like to support the podcast and community with a larger monthly pledge to help sustain this work and receive fun seasonal merchandise, or need a pay what you can option, you can join us by selecting a tier or pledging a custom amount on Patreon.

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About the Embracing Intensity Podcast

Have you ever felt like you’re “too much?” Too intense? Too consumed by whatever life has in store, that you cannot ever feel fulfilled? Aurora Remember Holtzman has news: you are not too much. Perhaps you simply haven’t embraced your naturally excitable self? In “Embracing Intensity,” Aurora will take everything you think you know about what it means to be intense and excitable, and show you how intensity is not a weakness but a hidden power. Each week, Aurora will interview a gifted, creative, and outside-the-box thinker who embodies what it means to embrace intensity in order to show you how to embrace your life in its fullest. Listen to unlock ways to unleash your inner fire— without getting burned! 

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